Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Cover Wars: Nyasha Matonhodze by Mert & Marcus for LOVE #6 Fall/Winter 2011

Nyasha Matonhodze by Mert & Marcus

This week's cover features Love Magazine's Fall/Winter Cover. The issue is titled Strangely Romantic, and I think it's the perfect name. I love this image of Nyasha. From the crow headpiece to the eyeliner tears, it really does evoke a sense of fallen grace, and reluctant beauty. What do you think? Do you like the cover? Would you pick this up off a newsstand?

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Links à la Mode: June 23rd, 2011

this week, on a whim i submitted my post of portraits that i did recently to LALM. i didn't think that it would be chosen, but i was proud of the results, and i didn't want to pass up the chance that someone would see them. by sheer luck i suppose, my post was chosen and i'm eternally grateful. i haven't seen very many purely photography posts on LALM (although perhaps i haven't been looking) and i'm grateful that something i worked hard on is getting recognition. the online fashion community is so large that it's easy to get lost in the sea of it all. i'm glad that at least for this week, i've fought my way to the top of the pack. i'm in great company this week. so please read, browse and comment on all these wonderful posts. (or as many as you  find time for!)

The Beauty of Bloggers
Edited by: Fajr of Stylish Thought

Once  a month, I pour through the links that the amazing members of IFB  submit. Typically, I sit late Wednesday night after a long day and read  through the thoughtful, helpful, stylish and beautiful posts that you  guys submit. It is in these moments that I am truly in awe of how  talented and gracious this community is. Full of spirited bloggers that  discuss everything from the latest neon trend to the body pressures of  fashion blogging. We are a diverse and dynamic group, connected through  our mutual love of style and tireless support and encouragement of one  another. This  week’s links are a testament to the beauty of blogging. Through  eloquent prose, enigmatic portraits and style lessons from a mother to  her daughter, IFB is rich with love and of course great style.

Links à la Mode: June 16th

Cover Wars: Steven Chee for the Ellery Gazette

Steven Chee for the Ellery Gazette 

I posted the full feature editorial for this cover the other night, and i have to say that i am in love with both halves of this project. 
nudes are not new to this blog in any way shape or form, but what i love about this nude editorial, is the deliberate attempt to make it darker and more sexual. 
fashion is always getting all "high art" about nudity, and that's fine and great, but sometimes you do just want to be naked for the sake of it. because it's sexy and enticing. i love that this editorial didn't shy away from that. it's a great set of work and definitely one of my more recent favourites.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Portrait Sessions: Kimberly Marcelle

Kimberly Marcelle by Cate Young
with assistance from Mark Gellineau

just a miniature portrait session i did about a week and a half ago. nothing amazing, but i do like how they turned out. i'm hoping to get more work done while i'm home for the summer. i'm really trying to focus on building my portfolio and creating things i can be proud of. although to be fair, i'll probably hate this in 5 years. 

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Cover Wars: Melissa Yung by Rendel Gonzales for Trinidad Lookbook

Melissa Yung by Rendel Gonzales

 Bespoke gown by Meiling
Accessories by LoudbyAfiya and Peter Elias. 
Makeup by Renee The Bon Williams. 
Styled by Jennerlee Ramnarine and Nakita Hyatali.

Trinidad Lookbook's new cover was released today and it's stunning! but what can I say, things are always better in june :) i haven't loved any of their covers this much since their august issue, so i'm definitely excited. it's also just fun for me because i don't get a lot of opportunities to cover Trinidad fashion,  so it's definitely amazing to see the finished product after so many talented people come together. 

in any case, do enjoy and stay tuned for the full editorial. while you wait, check out trinidad lookbook's past editorials on their editorial blog.