Saturday, 31 July 2010

A Little Bit Extra

i went to the mall today and took some shots out the window on my way back. (i wasn't driving this time) a reliable source told me these were good. (or at least passable) i'm not necessarily convinced.

i don't completely hate them though.

That Time of The Month

here we go again. it's that time of the month where i take the time out of my painfully mundane life to gripe about my general feeling of under accomplishment. off the top of my head i can think of at least two other times i've done this since i've been home (but i can only seem to find one of the links so don't judge me *womp*)

anyway the point is this. i am not okay with where this project is headed. (project here meaning this blog) i have been trying something new for the last few months which i thought was working out, but i think i've changed my mind. i have an idea of the direction that i would like to go in next, but doing that is dependent on some other things that are unfortunately out of my control. 

honestly i think a lot of my problem stems from the fact that i am trying to fit my blog into the moulds of other blogs i enjoy that i think seem to be working, instead of trying to find my own direction. i feel as though i should be further along on this journey than i am, but being the desperately ADHD person that i am, i have managed to stop and smell every. single. rose. even the ugly ones.

i have no focus. i have no discipline. i need to work on that. 

i have been feeling recently that the more i try to focus this project the more lost i feel. and at the end of the day, i am not producing as much as i should be. i recently merged the two blogs because it was (and is) easier to manage. (honestly, best decision i ever made) but before that, the original ip*b was being SEVERELY neglected. as much as i love fashion, and as much as i am enjoying learning about all the different things that are out there, the photographer part should be coming first, and it isn't. i had promised myself i'd try to do four shoots this summer and i've done one. granted, may was preoccupied with fashion week so that is a valid excuse, and i do still have all of august, i just feel.... like a BUM. 

simple solution right? not really.

i think i'm honestly also just sick of being in trinidad, and that i'll have a better outlook once i get back to boston. hopefully.

anyways... it's the last of the month and the countdown to detonation has begun. i will be 'home' soon and back to business. (again, hopefully) for now i shall have to suck it up i suppose and try to keep the griping to myself. i feel like i'm just boring people now..... :) thumbs up if you read through to the end!

strangely enough the thing i'm looking forward to most in boston is renewing my magazine subscriptions, piercing my tongue (no judging) and getting my first tattoo. in that order. strange right? i am literally addicted to magazine. i have TONS sitting in boston waiting for me to love them all over again. i keep them all because i can't stand the thought of throwing them away. so many glossy pages!!!! :D perhaps that's why i want to get into fashion photography so badly. having my pictures on glossy pages. i are a strange one. 

i fell like i should start packing from now. i can't find my cow. i need to look for her.

anyway, it's saturday. i shall leave now and attempt to exercise* a little. 

*psshhh... who am i kidding? i'm not going anywhere.

Cate <3

so after that rant this picture doesn't make any sense right? let me explain. i did a search for tampax pearl (to play of the title of the post and everything. (gross i know) and i came up with this picture randomly, which is apparently a tampax campaign that a girl group i've never heard of called 'the saturdays' did a while back.
i have no idea who they are or when this picture was taken, but the girls are pretty hot right? :D

The Saturdays

Colours, Colours...

sadly, i will probably never own any of these items, but like a small kid with ADD, i just really like the bright colours. things have been going poorly for me lately so i needed something shiny to distract me. :) in any case, i'm hoping that will change soon. i've been up all night watching Glee! reruns online and it's helping make me feel a bit better. i've decided to start something new on the blog once i get back to boston, but i won't reveal it yet in case i chicken out and bail. but it should be fun. both for me and for the nameless few who might actually be reading this. oi. anyway. off to sing my heart out to 'the power of madonna'! *womp*

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Editorial: Magdalena Frackowiak by Greg Kadel for Numéro #115

Magdalena Frackowiak by Greg Kadel

editorials like these leave me convinced that i've done the right thing by choosing to go into fashion photography.  how are you not completely drawn in by these pictures?

this is my favourite. i love the lines.

Editorial: Drew Barrymore by Carter Smith for Elle US August 2010

Drew Barrymore by Carter Smith
styling by Joe Zee

again, don't usually post magazine overs, but Drew Barrymore is the single reason why i went out and bought the entire line of Cover Girl cosmetics. plus, she's TOTALLY hot! :D

Editorial: Alessandra Ambrosio by Jannis Tsipoulanis for Vogue Homem (April 2009)

Alessandra Ambrosio by Janis Tsipoulanis
note: nudity

Editorial: Siri Tollerod by Miles Aldridge for Vogue Italia May 2008

Siri Tollerod by Miles Aldridge

bad kitty :)