Thursday, 29 April 2010

Fashion Week Trinidad and Tobago 2010

so, i know that I said I would be on hiatus until I got back into the country, but this news is just too AMAZING to wait until then.

Fashion Week Trinidad and Tobago is in its third year this year and will be running from May 29 to June 6th. Because I am an intern whore I emailed the relevant authorities and offered my services to the organization. I mean, let's face it, how amazing would that opportunity be? VERY. and even though i was doubtful I'd get through, I just received an email informing me that they would very much love to have me on board! i'm ecstatic!!!

i leave MA in a week, and I am just so excited for all the things that I'm going to be doing this summer. I'm really passionate about making a career for myself in the fashion industry, and for some reason the fashion gods seem to be smiling down on me. :D it makes me happy. i'm back to peeing a little bit in my pants! lol.

anyway, i have a lot of research to do about the show before I get home. I couldn't go last year because I wasn't home in time, but since I'll be working with the media relations team, it might be a good idea to get myself acquainted with the show's short but reputable history.

in any case, today was the last day of classes and i'm so ecstatic about this news, so today was a good day. but i still have two finals, a portfolio and LOTS of packing to do before then. i don't think i've EVER been this excited to go home. wish me luck!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Adventures In Black Hair Philosophy

i've never been much of a hair person. i mean, i am a girl and admittedly as vain as any other, but i have never had the patience to tend to overly dramatic or exacting hairdos. until i was 16, my mother did my hair for me every sunday afternoon. i would unloose the tiny corkscrews she'd neatly crafted the week before, wash my hair, and sit between between her legs with a fine toothed comb and tub of grease in hand, preparing for her to start the cycle all over again. 

after my form 5 graduation my mother informed me that she would no longer be doing my hair for me. frankly i was upset. firstly, this was our ritual. i was her only daughter and this was something that we shared. secondly, if she wasn't going to do it who would? CERTAINLY not me! the solution was that i would relax my hair. this however, was not particularly something i wanted to do. the idea of beating my hair to death with toxic chemicals had never really appealed to me; but it was an answer to my laziness.

as a direct result of my impatience for time consuming activities, my hair had mostly remained in tightly pulled back ponytails and buns for 3 years. through the rest of high school and into my freshman year at BU, my hair lay bored on top of my head, with the occasional foray into curls, whenever i remembered that i owned a curling iron. my hair remained relaxed until the summer i turned 19.

when i got home, i cut all it off. 

i HATED it at first. i'd never even had a haircut before, and now i was virtually bald. i thought i looked like a boy and i actually hid in my room for a week. (not that it was difficult. i was on vacation and my car was out of commission at the time. i didn't really have to leave the house) but as drastic a decision as it might seem, there was actually a method to my madness.

i had decided that i wanted to grow dreadlocks. the long tight spirals of cultivated locks appealed to me, and were similar to the style i had had when i was wearing my hair naturally. even though dreadlocks sometimes attract negative stereotypes, it's something that i'm willing to deal with, because i honestly believe that it is important for me to be proud to wear my hair the way that God intended; ie. naturally.

i never did get around to locking my hair that summer though, and i settled on a dye job in the end (a blonde dye, turned brown and bleached red in the sun....) and for the past year i have been wearing my hair in an afro. i have grown accustomed to the kinky texture of my hair and am happily reacquainted with the tiny curls atop my head. i have actually spent a considerable amount of time kicking myself for ever relaxing my hair in the first place. there is nothing more fun to do than twirl already tight curls when you are bored.

but it is now the last week of classes i am leaving BU in 9 days to go back home to trinidad. dreadlocks are the first thing on my agenda and i can't wait. soon i'll be joining the ranks of lisa bonet, and lauryn hill, but i will never forget my year long foray into embracing and accepting my natural hair with janelle monae and shingai shoniwa by rocking an afro.

happy birthday inkblot*photography!

I Hate This
Originally uploaded by Shanny O. Photo
so, ib*p is officially one year old today, which makes me very happy!!!! :D

i had originally planned to shoot something to commemorate the occasion, but college sucks and i have no time for anything. (it does not help that i have diagnosed myself as a manic depressive and never want to do anything ANYWAY.....)

in any case, as i was saying the other day, the blog is nowhere NEAR where it should be after a year, but let's be honest, i've only really been actively blogging since like.....march of this year march maybe? so like LAST MONTH....(i fail at LIFE.)

but anyway, since i haven't had time to embark on any projects, i decided to post a new favourite picture that i found. it was taken by a friend's younger sister. Her name is Shannon Owen and I don't know how long she's been into photography, but she's basically amazing and i really like her style. she has this really amazing blend of deeply emotional (well, i think so anyway) and fun lighthearted pieces in her flickrrr feed and it really amazes me that she's able to accomplish both styles so well. i won't lie: i'm kinda jealous!

this particular picture i found a few seconds ago because i was online instead of studying for my final (story of my life really). i can't even explain how much i love this and i really think it would be a waste of my time to try, but basically it just has this intense sense of frustration almost and i love that she could convey that so clearly without even showing her face. that's the kind of thing that i'd like to be able to accomplish at some point.

i have no qualms in admitting that i do not and never have had any idea what i was doing when it comes to photography. this blog started because i love photography and i love images and i love art and i needed something to drag me out of the deeply depressing FUNK that i fell into at the end of my freshman year. and even now, a year later, i still have little experience and no training. i can acknowledge that i'm not very good, because i know it's true and i'm not ashamed of it. i shoot what appeals to me and i keep going until i capture something i can be proud of. it's been working for me so far, and until such time as i receive formal training (BU....) i'll just keep keeping going.

anyway..... i have a final in T minus 3 hours so i should get to bed. (i won't.) but i just want to end by saying that even though this is a project that i neglected for quite some time, i'm glad that i never gave up on it. the few people who stop by and leave me comments really make the whole experience worth it, and i hope that in the next year i can really expand the blog and be more consistent with posting (et cetera, et cetera) and to just make this a body of work that i can really be proud of.

finally, don't forget to check out the rest of Shannon's work here. (trust me it's totally worth it)

Monday, 26 April 2010


i haven't posted in AGES and it literally PAINS me to see the same post at the top of my homepage every time i check the site (which is often. i'm a drifter) but i've just been SO busy and tired and run down. ugh. the last week has been a nightmare. 

luckily for me today begins the last week of classes and subsequently i shall soon be free. :D i am almost home and i cannot wait! i think i'll be working, but i'll also be interning with college fashionista, hopefully interning at trinidad fashion week (cross fingers! although and also, i'll just have more time to devote to my own work. my goal for the summer is to post on both blogs everyday. i just did a feature for the quad on amy from college fashionista and how she built the site from an idea she had in college. C/F has been around just as long as ib*p:fe and it's WAY bigger. if i intend to use the sites as a way to showcase my talents as a writer, photographer and fashion enthusiast, i need to be more vigilant about posting and promoting my blog. i think i might take a page out of amy's book and try to brand the sites more clearly. i sense a revamp coming this summer! :)

in other news, ib*p is celebrating it's one year blogaversary in TWO DAYS!!!! :D although neither blog is as far along as i'd like them to be by now, i only have myself to blame for neglecting them for so long. but i do have a newfound dedication to both blogs and i'm confident that this project that i started a year ago will be in a much better place in another year. and it's my hope that by the time i graduate i can really market myself as a force to be reckoned with both in the fashion world and in the photography world, even if it's just on a college level. 

anyway, as a reward for listening to me rant for 3 paragraphs about inane things, here's a picture i took last week while on my way home from class. i'm not usually into photographing flora, but these just looked too good to let them escape me. until we meet again.

CollegeFashionista: The Campus is Your Runway

Amy Levin is a twenty-three year old pioneer. As a recent college graduate with a passion for fashion, Amy used her limited resources to create a website that brought her love affair with fabric to college students around the country. She started with an idea, and out of it, was born.

College Fashionista is an online forum geared towards college-aged students. The goal of the site is to provide a sounding board for budding 'Fashionistas' to discuss current trends, receive fashion advice from fellow classmates, and keep track of fashion events on their respective campuses. With over 30 campuses involved nationally, and 4 international campuses, College Fashionista is well on its way to becoming the authority on college fashion.

After taking a class on trend forecasting during her London study abroad program, Levin became more aware of street style, and how much it influenced the fashion industry as a whole. This experience inspired her to intern with a trend reporting company in Los Angeles the following summer. At the same time, she was interning with a wardrobe studio's LA office. The experiences she had between both internships allowed her to greatly deepen her understanding of the fashion industry and how all its different components worked together.

At the end of that exciting summer, Amy found herself a senior at Indiana University and well on her way to receiving her degree in Apparel Merchandising. Confused as to what her next step should be, she met with a professor at IU and was advised that starting her own fashion blog would be an effective way to get her ideas about fashion out into the world while simultaneously boosting her resume. Levin took his advice and started on her fashion project, shooting pictures of her peers on campus, posting them to her blog, and giving advice on how to achieve the same look. Her site snowballed, and became popular among her friends, not only on IU's campus but at other universities as well.

Driven by the encouragement of her friends and family, Amy sought to expand her website into all the Big Ten Universities, with a writer at each campus replicating the format she had established at IU: Style Advice of the Week,Trends, Fashion NewsBoutique of the Week and Weekend Forecast. After her graduation, Amy got her brothers involved in the technical side of her project working to develop the site into a legitimate business. Amy concentrated on spreading her idea through word of mouth and establishing 'Style Gurus' in each of the new schools. Starting with 15 Gurus in 7 schools, CollegeFashionista officially launched on August 1st, 2009.
In the 8 months that College Fashionista has been live, the site has expanded into 30 schools and now works with 120 gurus. The site not only acts as a forum for college students to expand their knowledge of fashion, but provides a opportunity for aspiring fashion journalism and photography students like myself to establish their writing portfolios and showcase their growing talent. The site also helps to expose its readers to other online fashion resources, and to foster their experiences with fashion.
Having been an intern at College Fashionista for the last 6 months (along with fellow Quad writer Renee Trilivas) I can honestly say that my experiences with the site have helped expose me to the wider fashion community online. Through College Fashionista, I've discovered other online fashion authorities like The SartorialistJak&Jil, and4thandBleeker. It's also encouraged me to pay more attention to my own fashion photography blogs that until then had remained severely neglected.
Amy hopes that in the coming years, the site will continue to expand and will be established as the foremost source on college fashion. The college-aged demographic has such a commanding influence on the fashion industry that it is not a far stretch to believe that this might eventually happen, with the site gaining as much notoriety and  influence as other notable fashion authorities.
When asked about the ideology behind her site Amy stated, "I never ever want the website to turn into a criticism site where people show photos of what not to wear. That is not the point of the site. The point of the site is to show how a trend can’t be defined on college campuses, since there are so many students and such a large demographic of people that there isn’t one set look that everyone follows."
The world is now set up in such a way that it is extremely easy to find other people who share the same interests as you. College Fashionista is essentially an aggregate source of all the most astute fashion enthusiasts at various college campuses. Amy's vision and drive has helped to promote fashion as a legitimate career path for aspiring Fashionistas. We can see from her story that all you need to make a name for yourself is an idea, and the commitment necessary to see it through to fruition.
You can interact with CollegeFashionista on and BlogLovin. Anyone interested in joining the College Fashionista family can apply at

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


, originally uploaded by inkblot*photography.
well.... i was up late (as usual) getting rid of some of the old files i had of the first two shoots i did last summer. i have since learned how to use iphoto (duh..) which has made it a bit easier for me to sort out the rubbish from the not quite rubbish.

anyway, i found this little gem and i just wanted to share it with you. i've just wrapped my head around flickr too (im sO smart!) so i'm uploading mt faves from all my shoots, and i think i'll make a habit of that from now on.

in any case, i should at least attempt to get to bed. i have class in T minus 6 hours? :D nighty-night :)

Sunday, 18 April 2010

black is always classic

Bianca 140 Suede Pump, $555 USD
Colette France Inside Out Top, $285 USD
Nancy's Gone Green Organic Bamboo Sateen Vest, $86 USD
Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick, $38 USD
Cara Large Leather Clutch, $945
Tom Ford Sunglasses, $440 USD
American Eagle AE Women's Black Jeweled Shorties in Black, $40 USD
ULTA brand eyeliner in black, $20(?) USD
Black Velvet Feather False Eyelashes, $30 USD
Finley silver-plated earrings, $320 USD
Strapless Orchid Twist swimsuit, $245 USD
Chanel Beaute Des Ongles Extreme Shine Nail Lacquer, $25 USD

I know that I'm always saying that for spring, you should add more colours to your wardrobe. I stand by that, but I also think that black is absolutely classic, and that it's VERY difficult to go wrong if you base an outfit around a black base.

I didn't forget that you DO need at least a little pop of colour however, and what better way to get it than to incorporate another classic look? Though I won't be buying Chanel Rouge Coco anytime soon, I did recently purchase a new tube of L'oreal's Colour Riche Anti-Aging Serum Shades in  Royal Red. I've never actually owned a plain red shade of lipstick before, but I really like this. It does tend to overpower my face sometimes (especially since my hair is a mad mix of blonde, brown and red and black tints) but it works well if I don't use too much colour on my eyes, and stick to just liner and a nice dark mascara.

Also, I'll post separately about this, but I HAVE to get a tube of black lipstick! I tried a friend of mine's the other day and LOVED it. black becomes me frankly. It's just a little hard sometimes to not end up looking too goth. (ehh....)

I created this set on a handy little website i found called It's a fun site where you can create looks and shop online. I haven't quite figured it out yet, but there's so much stuff there that I love that I don't what to do with myself.

it's barbie b*tch!

i was just browsing through one my new favourite blogs vaingloriousandproud and found this post on Margaux Lange.

can you say AMAZING?

i have literally never seen anything so innovative and original. these pieces are so yummy! they're all handmade and absolutely beautiful. the pieces are (for me) kind of expensive, but considering how much work i imagine goes into each piece i'm surprised they don't cost more.

anyway, i tend to ramble so i'll stop now, but definitely go check out the pieces and maybe patronise her work. (or just gawk at the pictures below)

also, check out nicki minaj's new video massive attack for the first single off her forthcoming new album. (LOVE her!!!)

Friday, 16 April 2010

steampunk hurrah! :D

i haven't posted here for a while but i was just roaming around some fashion blogs when i should be working (specifically the sartorialist)and i found this amazing picture.

admitedly i'm not a huge proponent of men's fashion. i don't follow it or know much about it, but i can still appreceiate a well dressed guy.

i am SO IN LOVE WITH THIS PICTURE!!!! (and this guy) lol. i make me think ot gangs of new york, or even sherlock holmes! lol the whole steampunk era really. i only found out about steampunk this semester because of my writing class, but i'm totally in love with it. i think i'd rather fancy being irene adler wouldn't you?

p.s. i love his moustache. i want to twirl it. lol.

BU gets chalked

so, BU recently declared that no one is to chalk the sidewalks. this is what i found in response when i was coming home from the library this morning. 

(the pictures are all terrible please forgive me... but at least they're hilarious)

it's not really a beach...

Thursday, 15 April 2010

sunrise from the top of shelton hall

so after i finished my philosophy essay in the study lounge in shelton, it was around 5am and the sun had started to come up. i had PURPOSEFULLY not brought my camera upstairs with me, but my essay was done and the colours look so nice in the sky that i literally bolted down to the third floor to get it so i could take some pictures. 

some of the pictures came out pretty well, and others not so much. i couldn't find all the light switches to darken the room. i did find most of them but the few that remained on left and irritating glare on the glass. in any case, i DID manage to capture the colours that i was talking about. i quite like the way they came out all things considered but hopefully at some point i will be able to capture a better sunrise. 

2am on bay state road

last night (this morning) i decided that my being so far behind on my coursework was unacceptable so i opted to stay in the library until i got my essays done. (which i actually did! yay!)

unfortunately the library closes at 2am so i had to go home :( but because i are slightly ADHD, it took me an entire hour to walk the 4 blocks back home because i kept stopping to take pictures of random things. (mostly flowers. flowers are nice)

lol. so i'm bad with flash, so a lot of these pictures are really not that good, but i tried. i actually kind of like them. hope you do too.


i saw this lady pushing her kids down the street the other day and i thought that it was so adorable that i had to take a picture. but when i looked at the pictures, it reminded me so much of those random paparazzi pictures you see in people magazine or ok magazine of celebs w/makeup or going to the supermarket. lol

so i've decided that this mama is julianne moore with her twins. (i have no idea if julianne moore even HAS kids...) anyway, i think this mum is quite adorable. i hope that when i have kids i'll look cute walking then down the street too.

i've never tried hookah

i saw these people setting up to smoke hookah the other day. i've never tried it, but i heard that hookah tastes better than nicotene and that it doesn't kill you..... yea.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

on the streets

these are just more of the pictures that i took while i was walking back from class. the trees are all in bloom now and it's really pretty. i have no idea what kind of flowers they are but they are gorgeous. there is a pink version flowering further up COMM ave, that i didn't manage to capture, but i promise it's just a pretty (probably more so). I'm not really sure why I took a picture of the post office, but i just decided that I liked how it looked :s i probably should have shot that in black and white but oh well...too bad. the last picture is the side of the building next to the post office. I'm not really what's in there expect for citco, but... eh. the architecture is quite nice. i have NO idea why but it makes me think of Romaov's Russia. I watch too much disney...